Project Preparation

Project Preparation for Color Correction

Here you will find instructions on preparing and transferring projects from DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro for professional color correction. This section is designed to simplify technical interactions and ensure seamless transfer of your materials
Project Preparation DaVinci Resolve -> Premiere Pro -> DaVinci Resolve

Learn how to easily and effectively transfer a project from DaVinci Resolve to Premiere Pro for editing and back to DaVinci for color correction. This video demonstrates key steps and best practices for exchanging projects between programs
Project Preparation DaVinci Resolve -> DaVinci Resolve

Explore the process of transferring projects between different versions of DaVinci Resolve. This guide will show you how to maintain the integrity of your project and its color correction during the transfer.
Final Cut Pro -> DaVinci Resolve

Familiarize yourself with the procedure of transferring a project from Final Cut
Pro to DaVinci Resolve for additional color correction. This guide provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use both tools most effectively for the perfect result.

Creating Reference Clips for Accurate Import Verification

These reference clips provide precise verification of the correct import of projects into DaVinci Resolve and ensure that the project's duration matches the original.
  • DaVinci Resolve

    1) Export a reference clip from your timeline in HD 720 or 1080p format.

    2) Recommended formats: ProRes 422 LT or H.264.

  • Premiere Pro

    1) In the export settings, select the HD 720 or 1080p format with the timecode enabled.

    2) Export the reference clip in a lightweight format, such as H.264

  • Final Cut Pro

    1) Use the Share function to export your project in HD 720 or 1080p format with the timecode.

    2) Choose an optimized format like Apple ProRes 422 LT

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